Individual Teams

In addition to supporting established teams, the staff at Let's Play tries to organize Individual Teams for people who don't have an established team to play on. The list below show the current teams that are forming and the divisions that they are playing in. If you are interested in playing on one of these teams, please call the facility. If you'd like to play and don't see a team in an appropriate division, we may be able to place you on a team that has already begun playing and prorate the fees.

Teams that are open for enrollment, but for which first game is not scheduled:

Team NameDivisionFee
RMSC Super Subs Coed Over 25 C Please call
RMSC Blue Devils Over 30 Mens C Please call
RMSC The Tiger Mens 4 Please call
RMSC Upper 90 Womens B Please call
RMSC Untapped Potential Over 30 Mens C Please call
RMSC Under Rated Talent Coed 5 Please call
RMSC Yahooligans Womens C Please call
RMSC Untapped Potential Over 30 Mens D Please call
Free Ballers Mens 4 Please call

If you'd like us to help find you a team, please fill out the form below.

We'll do our best to place you with an appropriate team.

For best results, please tell us your age, gender, and skill level.