Active Divisions

The following divisions are currently active or have finished in the last week. Please select a division that you would like to see standings, leader boards, and schedule for.

COED Friday Coed Red 130
COED Friday Coed Red 131
COED Sunday Coed Red 130
COED Sunday Coed Silver 130
COED Sunday Coed White 130
COED Sunday Coed Yellow 130
COED Thursday Coed Red 131
MEN Saturday Mens 1 131
MEN Tuesday Mens Red 130
MEN Tuesday Mens Silver 130
WOMEN Liga Latina 1 131
Women Liga Latina 2 131
WOMEN Liga Latina 3 131
WOMEN Wednesday Women A 130
WOMEN Wednesday Women A 131
WOMEN Wednesday Womens B 130
WOMEN Wednesday Womens B 131
YOUTH Boys High School A 129
YOUTH Boys Under 10 A 129
YOUTH Coed High School A 129
YOUTH Girls High School A 129
YOUTH Girls Under 15 A 129