The following leagues are forming!

If you aren't sure which league to register your team in, please call the facility at 513-573-9898. We can help you to find the right league for your team's skill level and schedule. You must be logged in to register a team.

If you would like to register a team and missed the deadline please contact us at

Leagues begin 1 week after posted deadline. Give us a call at 513-573-9898 or send an email to We would be happy to help!

HTML Generator Sample Page Calling all Women!  If you are looking for a fun recreational to mid level league, our Women's League is the place for you.  The league is always looking for more players, or you could bring your friends and start up a team!  If Coed is more your style, we always have teams looking for female players.  


Youth Age Divisions and Formats

We have switched to the birth year and player number formats in accordance with new USSF rules. Please check out for more information on these changes. U8 = 2009, U9 = 2008, U10 = 2007, U11 = 2006, U12 = 2005, U13 = 2004, U14 = 2003, U15 = 2002, and High School covers up until U19 or 2001-1998.

U8-U10 will play 7v7, U11-U12 will play 9v9, U13-U15 will play 8v8, and High School will play 7v7

Division NameSeasonDeadline Date Team FeeRef Fee Game LengthGames
Coed A Friday 161 April 21 $575.00 $15.00 50 8
Coed A Sunday 161 April 23 $575.00 $15.00 50 8
Coed B Sunday 161 April 23 $575.00 $15.00 50 8
Coed C Sunday 161 April 23 $575.00 $15.00 50 8